1.界外球(规则27-1)/Out of Bounds (rule 27-1) 

A ball is out of bounds if all of it lies beyond the boundary fencing, white stakes or lines.
2.水面障碍区(规则26-1)/Water Hazards (rule 26-1) 

Obverse water hazards are marked by yellow stakes or lines and lateral water hazards are marked by red stakes or lines.

3. 修整地以蓝桩或白线表示/Reparative area marked by the blue stakes or white lines.

4.花床/Flower beds 

Playing ball and finding ball are strictly prohibited in flower beds. Play must continue by dropping a ball not nearer the hole within the nearest point to original ball without penalty.

6.No  Touch规则:本球场原则上不允许打 No  Touch 规则,如来场球员执意要打者(1)必须是在客流量少且不影响后组客人打球的情况下;(2)如影响到后组客人打球,且严重慢打的,可拒绝服务。
No touch rules: In principle, Firestone golf club prohibits of No touch rules. If the golfer insists:
(1) there must be only few golfers in the course and no effect to behind golfer(s) play. 
(2) if effects to behind golfer(s) play and it slows seriously, we will refuse to service.

7.场内禁止打多个球/Playing with several balls is prohibited.

Holes must play in order, jumping holes is prohibited.(Permission of Marshall is required)

9.不足四人的球员下场必须并组,方可下场/No more than 4 golfers in same group is allowed